Friday, December 2, 2011


My current morning ritual consists of waking as Amanda exits the shower, putting on ESPN, and gradually awakening to the sight of athletes being, well, athletic. This means that my sleepy eyes see fleeting clips of highlights and news before it's time to rise.

A story I heard this morning made me chuckle. [DISCLAIMER: I understand how an employment contract works, but still...] A University in Texas fired its Head American Football Coach after a dismal run of form. ESPN reported that the decision was an expensive one: the coach would be due a payment in excess of $5 million.

The part that made me want to grab the bed-side table and launch it at the TV was the last line of the report: the Coach said he was owed $8 million and was seeking legal advice.

Must be a tough life; be so crap as to get fired, be given a payoff approaching what an average person might make in a lifetime, and then have the balls to say it's not enough.

All of this is brought in to crystal-clear perspective by our recent appointments with my life insurance representative. I'm a fairly smart guy, and I have a job that pays well...but when your "inadequate" payoff for being fired is several times greater than my life insurance payout, I think you need a reality check. And that's putting it politely.

I should say, we have a wonderful insurance agent with New York Life, and I'd be happy to pass his info on to anyone that's interested.

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