Monday, January 30, 2012

Fort Benning

A big, busy week ahead.

Richie and his clown shoes are taking me up to Hopkins for an appointment. It will mark the end of the pill-popping component of the drug trial, but I'll have a final appointment next week.

We'll need to turn around quickly in Baltimore and get back to Lexington. Amanda and I fly in to Atlanta on Wednesday night as we begin a visit to Ft. Benning. We're attending as guests of Colonel Dougherty and the 316th Cavalry Brigade.

Visual approximation of me at Ft. Benning
Ben Freakley, a friend of mine, noticed my list of things that I want to do, and decided he could help me, "Shoot the biggest gun I can get my hands on." Ben reached out and has been instrumental in making this dream come true.

Honestly, I'm giddy. My itinerary alone gets me excited! How could you not be excited when your day will be made up of events like, "Tank Orientation & Live Fire with the Master Gunner School," or, "Observe Live Fire Demonstration," and, "Opportunity to fire Sniper Rifles, Carbine, etc."?

Amanda and I can't wait to visit Benning, and are honored to have been extended an invitation by Col. Dougherty and the 316th. We're both looking forward to our visit.


  1. but you're cuter than arnold!
    have great fun!

  2. I am very excited for you. Are you going to rock out in a sleeveless combat shirt (chika bow wow) like the lover of Housekeeper(s) pictured above? I hope you have a great time. Are you adding stuff to the list as others are accomplished? Dad mentioned something about being interested in sky diving the other day....ytt.

  3. Ill skydive with ya! Take a ton of pix with the heavy artillery! Awesome. Repeat after me, this is my gun. There are many like it, but this one is mine. I am nothing without my gun. My gun is nothing without me! Have fun man.

  4. Oh my goodness! How exciting! Ok, please tell me someone will be videoing. Are we far enough away in Virginia to be safe, let's see, how far is Georgia and how big are the guns again! Please aim south, towards Florida, not north towards us! Tell us a time that this will happen, my shelter is in the basement! Be safe and have a blast, literally!

  5. I am a bit concerned that there isn't something deeply Freudian about this big gun thing Tony. If you add 'driving a train into a tunnel' to your list then that'll be the clincher!

  6. Define jump? Long jump, into a bunch of sand? Sure. Jump out of plane? "is that our car phone I hear....