Friday, January 27, 2012

Punching Out for the Weekend

It seems the trips to Johns Hopkins leave me even more anxious to finish work on a Friday. I'm definitely ready for some quality time with my three girls.

Amanda reminded me that I haven't posted a song in a few days, so here's something I've been listening to during my visits to Hopkins

or something a little faster


  1. Get yourself some Slade or Mott The Hoople, that's PROPER music! :-)

  2. I cannot remember these tunes on my magnificent Ipod collection! Get some UB40 or Dire Straits on lad!!!

  3. Dire Straits, now there's a proper band for you. I narrowly avoided being vomited on my a drunk at a Dire Straits concert, but I still think they are fandabbydozie!