Monday, March 4, 2013

A comment a con-man tried to post...

He's back!

I wrote this last year

Marty tried posting this goading reply...just so you all know what type of person is out there

Wow. That comment is so poetic and sounds as if it has at least a little truth to it.

On another topic, too bad that loved one didn't heal.

Solving so called als is often not even that difficult. Won't happen by fooling yourself into bashing me though.

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  1. Just so it's clear, I wasn't replying to the post. I was replying to the second comment on the post where the guy was talking about the "loved one" whom he said had he lost to so called als.

    I really meant what I said about the comment being poetic and seeming to have a little truth to it, just as I really meant what I said about solving als.