Monday, June 10, 2013


I haven't been very consistent with my blog posts recently. I don't really have an excuse. Sure, things have been busy : trips to Maryland, Charlotte, and Charlottesville, the end of Amanda's school year, Cora graduating from Pre-K, and the list goes on...but plenty of things have sprung to mind as being worthy of a post.

A few posts that are overdue belong to Cora and Louise, some to Amanda, some to my family, and maybe a few more weird music videos. An important post about a group of supporters is also in the works (I'm trying to come up with a nickname for the collective group!).

When it comes to the girls, a part of me wants to gush advice and wisdom. I wish I had some words that could provide some support, guidance, life lessons, or carry warnings of potential pitfalls. But life happens while you're making plans. I'm off to ponder. Be back on the boil soon...

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