Thursday, June 6, 2013


Forgive the shameless attempt at attention grabbing with the title of this post. But today is a personal D-day of sorts.
Yesterday was the last day of the school year which made today the first day (officially) that Amanda stayed home to care for me.

We are both very excited and happy that Amanda is able to stay with me, and it's something that was made a possibility because of the Conway Cup. But the aid of the VMI Soccer community, family, and friends made it truly feasible; an effort pulled together by the head coach, Richie Rose.

Combine that with the noticeable bump in my frame of mind and improved energy, and it's an understatement to say that life since the end of the drug trial has been good.

I wish that meant that there was some sort of improvement in my symptoms, but that hasn't happened. I don't expect it to, either.

Right now, if I extend my forearm parallel with the ground and my palm is facing the ground, I struggle to keep my hand up for more than a second or two. While I do have limp wrists, I think it's a little late to start a career in fashion

To everyone who helped with the Conway Cup, and the VMI Soccer community, family, and friends : Thank you for today. Thank you for helping me keep Amanda home for at least the next year.

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