Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The Conway Cup

Well, I have slept for what feels like a week.

Of course, it's been just 48 hours since The Conway Cup ended.

I still feel like I'm coming down from a combination of an adrenaline rush, the awesome experience of seeing so many familiar faces,  the heart-warming feeling of seeing so many people enjoying the day, and simply being able to  share the day with everyone.

I'll get to the results in a moment, but I owe some thanks to 2 particular teams first. We weren't able to pull a full women's collegiate group together this year. We tried, but only EMU Women and Ferrum Women signed up. We thought that it was only right to offer both teams a slot in our Adult open group, and they accepted. I just wanted to thank both teams for their participation, and willingness to play. Thank You.

The Champions of this year's tournament were:

Jr Boys - Giles County
Jr Girls - SML Jets
High School - The Sharks
Men's Collegiate - Real Roanoke
Adult Open - 07 to 12

I haven't really had time to pull too many statistics together, but the event felt like a success.

I have more people to thank...I suggest a folks buy tomorrow's News-Gazette newspaper.

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  1. Hi Tony! It's been a few years since I've seen you, Amanda, and the girls and was reading about the Conway Cup only to be directed to your website. Sounds like you had a great event doing what you have always loved -- soccer! I fondly remember our time together at RCHS and the fun of being your A.D. I learned so much about soccer from you and thoroughly enjoyed your interactions with our student/athletes. Boys turned into men on your soccer field! My husband and I (yes, I got married!) are now living in Rockbridge County after a whirlwind visit for homecoming last October. Being back has brought great joy to our lives. Harper visited a number of times and suggested coming here for retirement. Amen! Obviously, I was shocked to hear of your health news yet buoyed by your incredible sense of optimism. Hope we can meet up some time and share some memories and laughs. In the meantime, if you guys need anything, please let me know. If there's a place for me to privately share email and phone number, let me know also. I'm on FB (Kathy Rom Burant). You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers, Tony. BTW, seeing your infectious smile in these pictures definitely makes my day.