Friday, September 5, 2014

Falling Down

Even before ALS, one of my knees would buckle forward every once in a while. At that time I had the strength and reflexes to stop my knee from moving further forward after just the tiniest movement forward.

Not so much anymore.
A hoyer lift. So much fun.

My right knee buckled while Amanda was helping me transfer from one seat to another this morning. Not only did my reflexes let me down - my knee had moved forward about six inches before I knew what was happening - but I also lacked the strength to correct the issue.

To her credit, Amanda held on, and gently let me down to the ground (I weigh 200lbs / 14 stones).

It took some maneuvering and the use of my hoyer lift to rectify the problem...another day in the life of an ALS patient.

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