Tuesday, November 25, 2014


I visited my urologist yesterday. In a moment of what I thought was comedic brilliance, I greeted my doctor with, "Hey Doc, how's it hangin'?" I figured that must be the appropriate greeting for a urologist, like smiling at your dentist or pointing a finger at your proctologist.

He smiled, then promptly checked my plumbing with a crusty cold-war era fire hose, or something similar.

He could have just told me that I wasn't funny.


  1. hi Tony
    whilst being "examined by my proctologist" i used the old line of..
    i really hope thats your finger....

    Proctologist: "Did you see the game last night?" Pete: "No, did we beat them?"
    Proctologist: "We didn't just beat em, we rectum!"


  2. Have some bloody decorum will you! LOL
    This blog is supposed to be about some sick bloke. :-)

  3. Apologies for not commenting too much recently but I have been reading the blog.

    Here are a selection of Urology cartoons that you can try the next time you fancy winding up your Urologist. You have to get your kicks wherever you find them. Keep 'er lit!

    Urology jokes

  4. Today I am thankful to know Tony Conway. Happy Thanksgiving to all!

  5. I am also thankful to know him and to know that he still has an amazing sense of humor. All the best to you and the family Tony. I hope it is a great day.


  6. Hi Tony. Your greeting also seems to me to be comedic brilliance but it also seems to me that urologist may feel a bit pissed off. Urine a certain kind of creek without a paddle. Hang in there till you can flush it out with him.