Friday, December 5, 2014

Humerus Volume 2

Cora broke her arm on Monday. The best information we have is that she fell from the monkey bars on the playground, and landed on her elbow.

She came home with her arm in a sling, and acted like the injury  wasn't a big she went back to school on Tuesday. It wasn't until she got home that we could see noticeable swelling just above her elbow.

An appointment with our family doctor brought the surprising diagnosis of a broken arm.

Cora, accompanied by Grommy, went to an orthopedic specialist where xrays confirmed there was a tiny break at the bottom of her humerus.

A short while and a tie dyed cast later, and all was well.

She now wears the cast like it's her greatest accomplishment!


  1. A rite of passage for her - is what I hear :o)

  2. I never broke anything as a kid - because I never had an ounce of adventure in my entire body.
    Well done Cora.....a chip off the old block.