Friday, April 3, 2015



I miss you. I wish I could tell you about my day. I could use some of your pearls of wisdom.

One of your smiles would banish my worries away. A hug from you would make me never doubt again.

Here's to hoping you visit me in a dream.

Love you, babe.


  1. Amanda I hope you have a warm comforting dream very soon. Such a difficult time for you and your family. It is a terrible pain and loss. I sometimes get a little feeling from a cloud or a butterfly or a star on a clear night. Give those girls a huge hug and remember your lovely mum, dad and Phyllis give great hugs too. Don't be too hard on yourself, give yourself a break, have a good cry if you need to and just be whatever you need to be each day. Sending love and thinking about you so much xx Doranne

  2. let the teapot overflow with tears when needed, then it fills up again and overflows again, fills up and overflows,,,,, the process is very helpful... hugs,