Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Widows Wear Stilettos

Tonight I was flipping through a book about being (and presumably surviving being) a young widow. I'm 4 years younger than she was.

If you were here, you'd find a joke about that... I know one's there, but I'm not as clever.

I'll get back to you when I think of one.


  1. That book sounds interesting. The title is pretty hilarious, actually. A Tony-like joke is certainly in order here, but I'm not quite as funny as he, so this is all I can muster: are Widow's Weeds in style now or something? That could be something of a silver lining for all of us young Wider Women. I guess those lacy black veils they used to wear in the old days could be hot...in a macabre kind of way. And of course, black goes with everything! Bonus points! Maybe we should get together and design our own line of High Fashion Widow-Wear? It should include accessories like mascara that doesn't run, even if you're having a really emotionally tough day, super-absorbent and yet dainty-looking hankies so you don't have to wipe your eyes/nose on your sleeves anymore, hidden pockets for emergency flasks of whiskey, and of course stilettos because, damn, it's really hard to be sad when you're just focusing on trying to walk without breaking your ankles! Hope this gave you a little smile, even if only a wry one...

    1. A capital idea, Ruth! I could totally rock a widow's veil.

      And thanks for the chuckle :)