Thursday, May 28, 2015

New wheels

Yesterday I sold our van that was converted to use with Tony's wheelchair. I was a little sad to see it go, but very glad it's no longer sitting in the driveway.

So I finally got to put permanent plates on my new car.

From the time I started driving until we bought the converted van, the license plates I had were "Abbie Rd." (The closest spelling my mom could get to acknowledge my Beatles obsession) Everyone knew me by those plates, and it was hard to let them go.

But Tony's plates were "Dnt Shnk," an abbreviation of the title of this blog. And they were a better fit for the van.

I watched him spend those years "don't shrinking" (grammar apologies), and his spirit still astonishes me... but now it's my turn to "don't shrink." So as I face the uncertainty and fear of this new life, I'll have that additional little reminder of Tony and the special life we have.

Thanks for the lesson, babe, and the swell license plates!

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