Monday, June 1, 2015

Not Quite 500 miles...

A week ago, I landed at Dulles after a whirlwind four days in England.

I went to be witness to an amazing feat (I just can't seem to escape that pun)... Thirteen of Tony's friends from secondary school walked 100km (62 miles, in case you didn't know) in honor and memory of Tony. They signed up for the London to Brighton Challenge, and they weren't doing a relay, or stages... They were all just walking until they finished. The fastest in their group finished after about 20 hours, without a blister! Only one had to drop out with an injury, but he had already walked 67km... which is still quite impressive. I can't even begin to think about how physically and mentally challenging it must have been!

I was there to see them off, kitted them out in Don't Shrink t-shirts, and managed to see most of them at the finish. I couldn't imagine not being there, when they were doing so much for us. And I know it's exactly where Tony would have wanted me to be.

It's always great to see them too, because I get a little window to a time of Tony's life that I didn't share. Even though he hadn't seen some of these guys in years, they obviously still feel a strong bond to him. I tried to imagine how he would have teased them (which he absolutely would have), but I also know how much their actions meant to him... we had known about the walk since the fall. They are all lucky to have such a group of friends... And I'm so lucky to have a connection to them.

So another "well done" from me across the pond... and thank you all so much!

You can read the story in their own words at The Conway 100km Challenge

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