Monday, May 4, 2015

Tony, Tammy, and Tobii

The following was sent to me by our friend, Tammy, who lives near us and has ALS. 

We came to know each other because faulty wiring in our brains delivered this nasty disease called ALS. Scientists don't know how to reset the connections between our motor neurons and our muscles. All we can do is manage our symptoms and try not to be held hostage by our emotions. Amanda left her job to take care of you and your sweet girls. Jim stayed home to take care of me. I think you'd agree with me that Amanda and Jim suffer through our ugliest moments. I think all four of us agree that the best of people saves us from the worst of ourselves.  Tobii, our eye gaze computers, keep us connected with the world because our limbs and voices fail us. Your Tobii is newer and faster than mine. I accepted Amanda's generous offer of your Tobii and mine will go to the ALS Association loan closet. All the tools we acquired to manage ALS will find homes with others. Amanda admitted to you how difficult it was to let Tobii go. It has been adapting your life with ALS like no other tool can. But Amanda couldn't erase all traces of you from Tobii. I find you in the unfamiliar software. But, what is most special is seeing you in the word prediction software. It still carries your voice. Thank you.

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