Thursday, January 7, 2016

Things I wish I could share with you

Cora's reading a book on soccer (ahem... football), and she just shouted out, "hey mama! Liverpool is in this book!"

Today Louise found an eyelash, and made a wish on it. Then she said she could tell me, because it hadn't come true. She said she wished for you.

Miss you, babe.


  1. did she mention liverpool because of football or was it because she knows it's the home of the beatles ?
    did it mention the famous glasgow celtic ?

    hope this year is good to you and yours .

    1. I'm sure she would have mentioned Celtic if it was in the book! She knows that is our favorite team, but Tony's favorite EPL team (and mine) is Liverpool. We can't get the Celtic games on TV here, but Liverpool is on occassionally, and I've been teaching the girls some of the songs (we'll get to You'll Never Walk Alone). So she is used to cheering for Liverpool too! The book had a section on famous players, and mentioned Liverpool in the part on Wayne Rooney (it is a book for kids... but questionable taste, I guess).

      Anyway, just one of those frequent moments that I wish I could turn to Tony and see his smile. Thanks for your comment! Happy New Year to you too!