Thursday, March 10, 2016

Rat History

I filled out the paperwork and officially re-entered the working world this week. I am going to be a part-time tutor to cadet athletes (the fancy term) at VMI.

First year students are loving known as "rats" at VMI, and they are required to take two semesters of world history... which is known as "rat history."VMI is a school that focuses on engineering, and so apparently a lot of rats struggle in those classes. Now, I can swoop in to assist them!

I haven't actually tutored anyone yet, but after mid-term grades come in, there might be a few requests for my help. I'm really looking forward to it.

I was excited to claim that I was once again gainfully employed, and at first, I felt silly. It's just a part time job, after all, and one for which I should be very well qualified. But then I stopped to think about it for a minute. It is really a huge moment in my life. I've been unemployed for nearly three years.... three of the most important years of my life. First, it was thrilling to be hired in a job (someone actually wants me to work for them?). Second, this is a huge step for me, at least symbolically. I'm reclaiming a part of my identity... a part of me that is not a caregiver... a part of me that had to be put aside in the last years. I never understood work in that way until I gave it up, first to spend a year with Cora when she was a baby, and then to take care of Tony. Maybe it's just because teaching is such a special profession (in both good and bad ways), but it was a part of me that I missed when it was gone. Maybe I wouldn't feel the same way if I was a digger of ditches. Maybe I would still be damn proud of those ditches (look at those ditches I dug!)... I don't know.

Anyway, I am embracing this moment, and being damn proud of my part time job. It's a job, and it's a step toward the future. I never could have imagined I'd have a job at VMI... you just never know what the future holds.


  1. as an ex digger of ditches and holes in general (trees, plants and driveways) i wish i had been smarter and became / become (?) a teacher.
    small steps :-)

    and if you know your history,it's enough to make your heart go oh oh oh....

  2. rock on, mama! everybody i know who has ever taken a class with you says you are a damn fine i'm glad you are putting your super-skill-having-self back in the game:)those vee-mee's are lucky to get you!